The birthplace and home of Revolution

Adding to the adventure, Revolution was born and raised on a beautiful Island on the south coast of the UK, so travel down to the coast and jump onboard a ferry to reach the home of Revolution.
Wightlink Ferry Company

Wight Link Operates on the following crossings;

Lymingtom - Yarmouth (Car Ferry) 30 Minutes

Portsmouth - Fishbourne (Car Ferry)  35 Minutes
Portsmouth - Ryde (Passenger Ferry 'FastCat')  15 Minutes
Southsea - Ryde (Hovercraft) 10 minutes

Phone Number:   0871 376 4342
Web Site:
Email: [email protected] 

Red Funnel Ferry Company

Exclusive Discount Available:  Contact us for details

Red Funnel Operates on the following crossings:
    Southampton - East Cowes (Car Ferry)  1hour
    Southampton - West Cowes (Passenger Ferry 'Red Jet')  
        25 Minutes

Phone Number: 0844 844 9988
Web Site:
Email: [email protected]

Travelling by Train

You can catch a train to either Portsmouth or Southampton and then catch a passenger ferry to the Isle of Wight.

From Portsmouth you'd arrive at Ryde, and from Southampton you'd land at Cowes. There is only one connecting train on the Island from the Portsmouth Ferry route, but as this doesn't go near our campsite its not much use to you. The local buses do travel from both Ryde & Cowes past the site, and are quite reliable for a bus network.

Please also note that at Revolution we explore the Island during the weekend and most of our activities are off-site. For small groups we may be able to assist with providing transport, but for larger groups you will need to arrange for your own transport to get to these activities.
Let us know ASAP if you plan on coming without transport.
Apart from being an ideal setting to host Revolution, the Isle of Wight has many tourist attractions.  

During your time at Revolution you will get to explore much of the Island and discover it's hidden treasures, not only is Revolution a National Explorer and Network activity camp cram packed with great activities, it's also an adventure and a holiday at the same time.  Come and join us.

If your unit want to do something else in addition to the program whilst on the Island such as Hang-gliding, Scuba Diving, Pleasure Flights... then let us know in advance and we will see if we can help.

To find out more check out the following sites IOW Tourist Guide or IOW Breaks

There are numerous ways to get to the Island, and it does depend on how you are planning on coming down as a unit and whereabouts you are located in the Country.

There are two ferry companies that run to the Island these are 'Red Funnel' and 'Wight Link'.

The ferry to the Island can be quite expensive, make sure that you allow for this when calculating your budget, also as it is a Double Bank Holiday weekend make sure that you book well in advance, or else you might have problems getting to the Island.   You can reduce the price of the ferry by booking out of the peak times.

The activies are located off-site, you will require your own transport on the Island to acces them.
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How to get to the Isle of Wight

What the Isle of Wight has to offer...
Credit to John Tilley for this video compilation of the Isle of Wight
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