Why Attend Revolution?

Revolution was derived as a Venture camp for Ventures run by Ventures..... this ethos has continued, and although the core management team are now old and wrinkly they are all still young at heart (you'll see them bouncing on the dance floor) and always strive to put on activities that will excite and inspire young people. While recruitment is always underway to bring new younger members into the team to bring fresh thoughts and ideas.  

A unique strategy at Revolution (you wont find anywhere else) is that most activities are off-site which you attend in small groups (approx 30) to each different activity, meaning not only that you get lots of time at each activity without any queues, but you quickly make friends with other Units that are in your group.  
Units attend from all across the UK (from Devon, Birmingham, up to Aberdeen) and once they have been to Revolution will usually come back year after year, becoming their mainstay activity in their annual programming calendar.

This mixture of people, cultures, and daft ideas will ensure that each young person will mix with lots of people they will likely make friends for life with!  (We've had 3 weddings come out of Revolution).

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Brief History of Revolution    

Revolution started out as IOW Venture back in 1995, after 3 local venture scouts attended EuroJam the European Scout Jamboree in 1994,  and wanted to arrange a camp for the friends they met on that camp. Initially about 75 Venture Scouts came to the first camp, which was so much fun a second was arranged.....and history was made.

The change to the age ranges in 2001 from Venture scouts (15-20yrs) to Explorer (14-18yrs) and Network (18-24yrs) created a natural progression from IOW Venture to Revolution IOW to incorporate both of the new sections, and allowed the addition of the SSAGO sections.

There were, and still remain, challenges to ensure that both age sections can be suitably accommodated for in a joint camp, from safeguarding, alcohol, and general safety, which we feel that we have resolved in a pragmatic and sensitive manner, and we have been commemorated for our resolutions. With the concept that all the young people can have an amazing time, lots of fun all in a safe and secure environment.

We strive to put on activities that you wouldn't usually do or see in your normal day to day scouting, so that the young persons experience of our camp is one of awe and amazement!

While you will never see the same list of activities in 2 to 3 years of coming (that said there are a couple of mainstays that we'd be unforgiven if we changed), to ensure that each camp is a totally different and unique.

We also put on a complete mixture of different types of activities from the adrenalin filled Hovercraft Driving, to the artistic in Samba dancing, to the creative of Cake decorating, and the bizarre in Synchronised Swimming, and everything in between....
and best of all EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED in the price!!!  

Activity Locations

Another difference between us and most other camps, is that we place most of our daytime activities off-site, predominately to make the best use of activity bases across the Island, but it also encourages each attendee to partake in the activity, as they cant just sit in their tent, and we guarantee they'd enjoy themselves more for it!

So you will need transport once onsite.

What to expect at REVOLUTION?
Fun, Friendship, Laughter and a lot a lot of fun!

We can tell you lots of great reasons to attend Revolution because we love it, however the reason Revolution exists is 'you'.  Since 1995 the management team have wanted others to come to the Isle of Wight and to have a great time, to take part in a full range of activities and to experience new things.

Therefore, we will not tell you about Revolution, take a look at the social media feeds and the Revolution Gallery with some of the videos and photos of Revolution attendees
Themes & Fancy Dress

Each year we invent a new theme to base our activities and evenings around, which in the past have been anything from Superheros, Aliens, Olympics or even Father Christmas. 
We arrange the whole camp around stories, events or bulletins of this main theme to create extra curricular fun and laughter. 

A large aspect of Revolution is the fancy dress!
Each night we provide a separate theme, based around the whole camp theme, so that all attendees get the chance to look silly and laugh till the cows come home.
The Fancy dress themes are announced in advance of the camp to give you time to plan and make any costumes
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