Yesterday has passed, the future is still to be written... be a part of the story!
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the theme is:  The Time Traveller

Fri 29th Mar to Tue 2nd April 2024
(Easter Double Bank Holiday Weekend)

£80 inclusive of all activities, 
evening entertainment & camp fees

£40 for leaders without day activities, 
but including evening entertainment & camp fees

Isle of Wight - PO31

Who for: 
Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts, SSAGO (nationwide)

What's included in the price: 
5 days camping fees
3 days of great daytime activities 
4 evening activities
you will be amazed at value for money!

At least 9 daytime activities 
(some adrenaline, some challenging, some bizarre)
+ Evening entertainment
+ On-site Activities

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Revolution is redesigned each and every year, providing a selection of different amazing, fun, unique and weird activities for you to enjoy!

Revolution, a camp redesigned every year for your complete enjoyment!
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Updated: Jan 2024
Best of all, EVERYTHING is included in the price 
(All the Day Activities, Evening Entertainment, Camp Fire, Fun, Laughter)

None of the pay extra for the activities - you get the lot!
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