The most Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have the question then many others are also likely to have the same question.  Below are the questions and answers to those most frequently asked.

If you have any other questions then please contact us and we will be happy to answer.
How do we get to the Isle of Wight?
There are two main ferry companies that run to the Island, these leave from Portsmouth, Southampton, Southsea or Lymington and have a mixture of passenger and car ferries.

Take a look at our Travel Page for more details

What are the camping arrangements?
As for camping, we designate separate zones on the camp site for Network & Explorer (same field, no physical barriers).
Units then setup within their own camp areas, bringing with them all the required camping and cooking equipment necessary.
Campsite location will be communicated upon booking into Revolution (not advertised on website or social media sites!)

Is Revolution open to both Explorers & Network units?
Yes, Revolution started off as a Venture Camp in 1995 and was the first national camp ever for Explorers or Network units as scouting went through its transition.  The format works extremely well and the activities are selected each year to cater for both Explorer & Network units.  Revolution has a strong following of both Explorer and Network units that come back year after year.
What is the policy on Alcohol?
The entertainment area used for Disco's etc is a non-alcohol designated area which serves soft drinks.
There is a strict no alcohol policy for Explorers. 
There is a licensed bar on site which is managed by the licensee, which is only available to those 18 and over. 
Explorers and Network are given different coloured wrist bands so that both the bar staff, camp management and leaders can use these as indicators on who is over 18. 
All Explorer units have to come with leaders, who are ultimately responsible for their own units.
How do you manage to fit so many activities in for the price?
The management team have many skills and one of them is negotiation and routing out bargains.  The driver behind Revolution is to provide a great event for you at a price that you can afford.  This results in ensuring that each activity laid on is value for money, and the whole weekend is based around the blood, sweat of tears of the management team who setup Revolution completely voluntary not only during the weekend but throughout the year.  Resulting in an absolutely awesome weekend at a price that you can afford.

How can we contact you?
You can contact us via email, phone, facebook, web forms or just knock on our doors.  If you need to contact us for any reason then please use the details on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to answer any questions you have or to confirm any details with you.

Is there a way to get cheaper ferries?
Yes,  You will find that the ferry prices change depending on the time of sailing that you book i.e outside of Rush Hour or Later at night you will find the costs do reduce.  Compare prices with all the ferry companies, you can find details on our Travel Page.
The Revolution Management team have managed to secure a discount on one of the ferry routes, contact us for details and to see if we have secured on for the forthcoming event.
As Revolution is over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend it can get busy so ensure you book early.  It is always cheaper to book ahead of time.
We need to fill in the NAN Form, what are the local details?
We have helped you out here, [BEING UPDATED] you will find a NAN form that you can download with all of the details of the Camp Site, host DC details that you require.
Can I bring Children (non explorers) to Revolution?
Yes you can, however due to Health and Safety reasons based on our Risk Assessment, children aged 8 years and under are unable to sleep on-site.  If you intend to bring children of any age please contact the Management team in advance as we may be able to advise of other suitable accomodation.  For those aged over 8 but not Explorers that do sleep on site there may be a small camping fee to cover site costs.  Childen who are not Explorer age will not be able to partake in the daytime events.  Please ensure that you have the appropriate parent / leadership representation if you plan on bringing children.

We have booked in and sent you our money, what's next?
The management will now be spending your money very wisely and ensuring all the activities are booked for you to enjoy.   You will receive prior to camp a letter providing full details on the location of the campsite, any recommended kit that you should bring, consent forms for partaking in activities (where required) and also a Medical Consent form for each participant. Please ensure all consent forms are completed prior to attending and that you bring them all with you - without these you will not be able to partake.
Will I require transport on the Island?
Yes, Revolution is unique that we position our activities at different locations around the Island, this provides your unit the opportunity to explore the sights of the Isle of Wight and not to be restricted to the camping site.  This however will require that you bring your own transport to the Island.  We have managed to secure an exclusive discount with the ferry company, contact us for details
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What happens if I have booked but can not attend?
If you have booked into Revolution we then start immediately incorporating you into our plans and start booking activities and ensuring that you can have an amazing time, this includes spending money on your behalf.   Due to this we are unable to provide any refunds if you are unable to attend.
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