Superhero Training Program
“I wear a mask not to hide who I am, but to create what I am”
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The Superhero 'Training Camp​'

Yesterday has passed, the future is still to be written... be a part of the story!

Calling All Superhero's
“The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our lives to make a difference.”

"have you got what it takes?"
When: 13th - 17th April 2017
WhereIsle of Wight
Who for: All Explorer, Network, SSAGO nationwide
What's included: 5 days and 4 evenings of great activities, including camping fees - you will be amazed at value for money!
How Much: £60 inclusive of all activities, £30 for leaders without activities
2017 Activities: See the awesome 2017 Activity page

Top Secret: Mission Critical information
The clock is ticking!
No time to loose!
Not long to go!

"Panic, Chaos, Disorder…my work here is done"


The Revolution 2017 activities are being booked and secured for you to enjoy, linked in with the tradition of Revolution you can expect a full range of fun activities to be running throughout the whole of the weekend

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Mission Objectives: Challenges & Activities
Footage by Reigate Network experiencing Revolution 2014: 

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Some of the Earths strangest, most deranged, physcopathic, and powerful super-villains have hatched an evil plan to takeover London, Washington DC and other key cities in a bid to destabilise Governments across the globe and eventually make them submit to their rule, and global domination.

Little did they know that the Isle of Wight has been a secret training ground for many years, producing Revolutionaries year on year. 

“Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand” and the Leaders of the World have turned to The Revolution Management Team to help them prevent the super-villians from enacting their fiendish plans.

The Revolution Management Team have been tasked with assembling a unique group of heroes, with special abilities, skills and talents to fight back…to foil their nemesis’s plans and stop their quest for global domination before it truly begins.

We NEED You!  <continue reading full story below>

REVOLUTION 2017 Proudly Presents;
The Superhero 'Training Camp'
13th - 17th April 2017

<Story continued>...   The Management have identified you as part of many gifted youngsters with hidden secrets that they believe will be vital in the fight for world. We therefore wish to invite you to a weekend long camp where your training will be undertaken. Teaching you how to harness your unique powers and abilities, to form a team of super-beings. 

A wide range of challenges and activities await to provide you with the tools to become the Island’s mightiest heroes…to form a team who can work together to overcome your weaknesses and vanquish your villainous foes…
We will unlock your hidden identities, to release your alter-ego and find what lies behind the mask to establish whether you are good or bad, mutant or self-made hero, mystic or inter-galactic entity!
But remember…

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

Our camp will prepare you for your part in the perennial battle of “good” versus “evil”. 
This is just a part of a war that has raged for millennia, with various beings seeking to utilise special powers and harness the forces of cosmic artefacts to take control and impose their will upon the world. Throughout time and space, numerous individuals and groups have come forth to seek to defend the planet, protect the population of our cities and uphold a ‘normal’ civilisation keeping it from danger. 

“I wear a mask not to hide who I am, but to create what I am”

Using hidden identities and secret facilities, the forces for good have worked tirelessly on lone quests and team adventures to maintain the equilibrium.

Without someone to stand-up to the villains, and bring forth the light of the good, chaos will reign…

“Panic, Chaos, Disorder…my work here is done!”

The heroes of the past have gone, they have done their part…and now it is over to you…are you up to the challenge?

“The greatest gift we can receive is to have the chance, just once in our lives to make a difference.”

Come and join the adventure and be part of the story at Revolution 2017, amazing activities, fun and friendship awaits!
Copyright: Everything on this site is the property of Isle of Wight Revolution
NEXT EVENT: 29th March - 2nd April 2018
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