National Explorer & Network 
Activity Camp

Revolution 2008
'Wight Christmas'

Revolution 2008 was turned into a winter wonderland spectacular with a Special visit from Santa and his helpers, creating a 45 minute queue to see the main man.

The whole weekend was themed around Christmas including the lead up with Office Parties, Grottos, Christmas Dinner finished off with a New Years party.
Revolution 2-007 
'Revolution Never Dies'

Revolution 007 set with a Bond theme throughout the weekend with secret missions, challenges and all the training required to be a secret agent including fast speed boat rides, disarming techniques, martial arts.

A great event with everyone shaken & stirred!

Revolution 2009 
'The Great British Holiday Camp'

Changing from the 2008 Christmas Theme, Revolution 2009 moved into a Traditional Holiday Camp, complete with Red Coats along with the adventurous activities were some great events including a Punch & Judy Show and the  Revolution Regatta

Good morning Campers, Hi De Hi...

Past Events at Isle of Wight Revolution
Revolutions long history of providing fun since 1995 originally for Venture Scouts and now for both Explorer & Network Scouts have seen some weird, wacky and completely sublime activities to keep the campers amused and coming back year after year.  Take a look at some of our past events.
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Revolution's Recipe for Success

Every year REVOLUTION re-invents itself with a new theme.  Activities are then based around the theme making every year completely unique, enticing new units and providing a new experience for units that return year after year.
The activities range from those including Adrenalin & Fear to those that are Challenging, Fun to those that are completely Daft or Ridiculous that can only be found at Revolution! 
Attendees Comments

The management team lay on REVOLUTION as we all grew up through scouting and love to see the enjoyment of others, therefore it is not what we tell you about REVOLUTION that makes it a success for us, but what the attendees tell us, here are a few comments from REVOLUTION attendees....

"Had an awesome weekend, thank you all!!! 
We shall most definitely be seeing you next year! X”

"Top marks as usual to the management for a great camp!"

"Hey guys thanks for the awesome easter break looking forward to the next year"

"Had a really great time at Revolution and we're definitely planning on coming again next year (but with more people)"

"Thanks to all the Management Team for making it such a great weekend!"

"Fab Camp, I thought it was better than last year and keeps getting better.”

"Had a awesome time at IOW Revolution, great activities, made some new friends a really good camp"

“I am sad camp is over for another year, see you all again next year”

Revolution 2010
'The April Fools Camp'

Selling out two months early REVOLUTIION 2010 had over 280 attendees from all over the UK including Scotland.

Set to an April Fools theme Revolution was full of fun, laughter and pranks mixed in with some awesome activities - No Joke!
Next Event: 
Revolution 2017: 13th- 17h April 2017
Revolution 2016: 24th - 28th March 2016
Revolution 2015:  2nd - 6th April 2015
Date for Diary:
Revolution 2018: TBD
Revolution 2011
'Wight Knights: The Crusade'

With 350 attendess from all over the UK including Scotland, Revolution 2011 falling on St Georges weekend was set to the theme 'Wight Knights; The Crusade' .

The weekend included many challenging activities with many set in amazing scenery of Stately Homes, Manor Houses and even castles.  This was a very special year especially with the hot weather reaching 31C
Revolution 2012
Hosted in 2012 the year the Olympics are hosted in the United Kingdom Revolution puts their own special twist on this amazing event.
Uniting units (countries) from around the UK Revolution 2012 has a great mix of events that really should be part of the official Olympics.  Revolution will also be very special as it our 18th Anniversary - now that is an achievement to celebrate
Next Event: 13th - 17th April 2017
Revolution 2013
'Your Lucky No. 13'

Starting on April Fools day Revolution 2013 is set to a fun, amusing and watch your back scheme!

Say no more - take a look for yourself if you dare!!!
Revolution 2014
'Now Thats 20 Years!'

Celebrating a milestone 20th Year of Revolution that has provided 100 amazing fun filled activity days as well as 80 awesome evening lineups.  

2014 is a very special year fo many, with the Management Team also being recognised by the Scouting Associaton for all that they put in every single year to make Revolution an unique experience for you!