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As Revolution changes it's program every year there have been so many activities to list.  We also pride ourselve on the uniqueness of the program each year which is designed for you.
This page includes only some of those activities, also take a look at our Photo Gallery by clicking the buttons on the right.
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Some activities within Revolution
National Explorer & Network
Activity Camp
Some of the main activities at Revolution
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Scouting at Revolution
The journey is all part of the Revolution Adventure
Major Activities
The program always include major activites, these have ranged from Scuba Diving, 4x4 Driving, Sailing, Yachting, Quad Biking and Rib Rides to name a few, what will it be this year?

In support of the Major Activities there are always loads of other activities which include challenges, fun and adventure.  Revolution also pride themselves on finding unique activities which have included, Belly Dancing, Lambing, Samba Drums, what will they think of next?

Evening Entertainment 'Parties'
Revolution know how to through a great PARTY normally with a twist.  The evening activities have included Disco's, Karaoke's, Games Nights, Barn Dances, Foam Parties and loads more.  Each evening has a theme normally linked with weekend theme to add a little spice!

National Explorer & Network Camp
Even though Revolution provides so much fun and adventure we do not forget our roots.  As an Explorer and Network event we also conduct the formal aspects, over the years we have had Investiatures, Awards (D.O.E), Engagements, Birthday Celebrations & Long Service Recognition.

The Adventure Begins at home
Being set on the Isle of Wight, the adventure of Revolution begins when you leave home.  Heading south and reaching the feery port, travelling over the waters (Solent), before even arriving at the camp site where the real fun begins.

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Next Event: 2nd - 6th April 2015