2009 Thriller
Revolution Challenges You!
Are you up for it?
Revolution loves to bring an element of madness and excitment, therefore the management team request that all units get to know the following routines prior to coming to camp (if possible).

Your skills will be tested during Revolution 2009.

Next Event: 1st - 5th April 2010
Challenge #1 'Thriller'
As a unit get to know the following routine, points will be awarded for creativity, roles, costumes and likeness to the original.

If unable to view in this window then use the following;

You never know when you may be asked to perform!  What a Thriller... 
Challenge #2 'Hi De Ho Man'
The Revolution camp fire burns so brightly, as part of the nightly ritual of Traditional Scout songs and the non-Traditional, we would like to add the following.

If unable to view in this windown then use the following;

Get to know the words.  Are you Brave enough to lead it round the fire!