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  BREAKING NEWS:     The Greatest Show On Earth!

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Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each and every year

Unlike many other camps, every attendee can participate in every activity and the schedule is designed to allow this, how great is that!

The planned activities for 2018 are displayed below...

Like many other Revolutions it is also the unplanned activities that also create so much fun, uh hum Storm Katie 2016', plus you guys are the Greatest!
Now is the time​...

To experience the 23rd Revolution and 2018 is set to be the 'Greatest Show on Earth!'  Come and join in the adventure and all the magic of Revolution 2018!

With Daytime and Eventing activities jammed in for your pure pleasure you will be throughly entertained day and night with a few surprises along the way... so what are you waiting for?
Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each year

The 2018 Revolution Theme is set, the activitiy themes have been set and now the management team are busy securing the activities for the Greatest Show On Earth

Keep up to date with the activities as they become confirmed via this website or the other Revolution social media sites including Facebook and Twitter

Until then we can only imagine how Great Revolution 2018 will be with you there!
Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each year

The evenings at Revolution will be rocking with...
and awesome evening Fancy Dress

such a variety of amazing sights and delights...
This page will be updated as activities are confirmed

Keep an eye on social media for announcements
The Greatest Camp bring back one of the Greatest Activities....Rib Rides, see the awesome footage from Ribs a whole Decade ago!  
Hee Man the Greatest 'Power' - Power Kites

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Dick Turpin the Greatest 'Highwayman' – Rifle Shooting

We love this activity, time on a rifle shooting range you will be taught how to aim, hold steady and the to gently release the trigger.  Points are awarded for how well you hit the target.  

The management were watching one unit do this at a previous Revolution and one lady did not hit her target unfortunately, bless her but strangely her friend shooting on the target next to her did very well and actually managed to hit her target with more holes than she had shot - go figure that out!  Should have gone to Spec-savers we think!
David Grohl The Greaest Drummer - Drum Workshop

From the early civilians having a unique Drum rhythm has frightened many a warrior.  Master the skill in this unique workshop where you will be taught how to collectively work together to make beautiful music, hmm scrub that you will be taught how to make a complete racket that sounds ear-shattering.  

Ear plugs are not essential but headache tablets might help!  Be like a superstar Rockstar!
Tribal Indians - Headhunters  

This has to be one of the Revolution favourites and has featured as many times on the Revolution activity list.

Similar to LazerQuest or Paintball, head-hunters is a two sided team game based in a beautiful woodland setting.  Each team has a base to protect and a Flag to capture the only obstacle in your way is your enemy!

What will your tactics be? stealth like creeping up to the enemy base, tactical surrounding the base with a wide net or a brazen charge at the enemy picking them off.  Whatever the tactic the fresh air, birds singing make this a fun filled event.
Superhuman Durability – Keep Fit 

This is the cruel side of the management team, all camp are invited to an early morning fitness class on-site on Sunday morning.  For the fitness fanatics this is very welcomed, for those that need to blow a few cobwebs out then this is also a great time to re-energise.  Suitable for all fitness levels join this fun session.
FRIDAY: “Vegas Night “

Friday night is Vegas Night baby, a night for lavish fancy dress. Do you go as Elvis, will others go as Elvis who knows it's a gamble (again a reminder about our no actual lion rule)

Entertainment: To be confirmed 
SATURDAY: Saturday Night Live

Saturday night is Saturday Night Live (see what we did there, a Saturday night theme on Saturday night. You won't get that creative thinking at TPC) From the modern reality shows to the old school days of variety shows there is plenty to do for fancy dress here

Entertainment: To be confirmed
SUNDAY: “Magic!"

Sunday night will be a kind of magic. A night of magic and illusion (or is it) yes it is (but is it) yes it definitely is. It will also be a night of neon. Magic and neon, two things that go together as well as things listed in alphabetical order.

Entertainment: To be confirmed

The Future... Photo Gallery of Revolution 2018 Will you be part of the fun?!?    BOOK NOW!
Glimpse of some activities from previous Revolutions.. see more within the Gallery
Headhunters: Wooded Laser Combat team game

So what are you waiting for?

Revolution is set to be another amazing year with lots of great activities, fun and excitement, Book now to ensure you secure your place at Revolution 2018 as we expect REVOLUTION 2018 to be yet another sell out year!

The first night is about the big show (no not the wrestler) it's Circus night!! But what to dress up as, here are some ideas (please note our no actual lions rule)

Entertainment: To be confirmed

Ultimate Frisbee
Fast Rib Rides
Drum Workshop
Synchronised Swimming
Plus loads more.......
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Skimming the water to see one of the Worlds Greatest Wonders​ - Fast Rib Boat Rides

Hold on tight for an adrenalin Fast Rib Ride to see one of the world's famous landmarks from a unique position, skimming along the Jurassic coast past the coloured sands of Alum Bay, see the gun-holes of the fort built into the white cliffs and the 30m stacks of white chalk that forms the needles and the lighthouse at the westerly tip of the Island.

This is only the third time in the Revolution 23 years that we have laid on this awesome activity and it is always one that is much talked about  #GreatestActivity?
Rifle Shooting
Wooded Lazer Games
Olympic Archery Range
Power Kites
The Greatest Show On Earth
Dance Lessons
Evening Entertainment
View the video compilation below from Revolution 2007 a whole decade ago to see the wonders of this amazing activity!

Can you recognise in the two photo's below which one was an organised Power Kite lesson at Revolution, and which photo was a unit holding on to their tent for their dear lives at the onset of Storm Katie which hit Revolution 2016 with wind gusts reaching 106mph? answers on a postcard!
Daytime Events
Dick Fosbury the Greatest 'Flop' – Ultimate Frisbee

'Ultimate' Originally known as Ultimate Frisbee this is a non-contact (oh Yes it is!) team sport played with a flying disc (Frisbee).  According to Wikipedia this game was originally developed in 1968 by a group of Students in New Jersey, however the Revolution Management team believe this was really invented by scouts on a scout camp throwing their dinner plates to each other you will be competing against another team in this exciting game.  Just keep your eye on the game or be ready to duck very quickly!

OK, you have us.  Dick Fosbury invented the Fosbury Flop which won him gold in the 1968 Olympics for high-jumping, we could not find a famous Frisbee player and Fosbury and Frisbee sound similar, so there you go - management logic applied!!!!
Billy Elliot the Greatest 'Dancer' – Dancing Lessons

Some have said that the management team are 'awesome' on the dancefloor (which you will be able to witness yourself), or was that 'awful',  either way during this session you will be taught with your friends a dance routine, artistic licence is always allowed and encouraged.  We are sure there will be a dance off during the session and we tend to find the skills learnt during this session always find their way to the evening Entertainment Zone with everyone showing off their new dancing talents!
Robin Hood The Greatest 'Archer' – Archery

Who had an idea to tie some string at either end of a stick and to use another stick to fling, surely this was once again another activity invented by a Cub? During this session you will get your hands on said stick with some arrows and compete against your fellow friends to see who can get the highest score or even hit the bullseye.  Extra points for splitting an arrow!

Did you know...

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is typically called an archer or a bowman, and a person who is fond of or an expert at archery is sometimes called a toxophilite

​Esther Williams the Greatest – Synchronised Swimming

This amazing and unusual activity was introduced at Revolution for the first time a few years back and people have been talking about it ever since!  Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dace and gymnastics, so it's the perfect to show off your Greatness.  You will be split into teams and asked to choreograph your own routine elaborating moves in the water, accompanied by music.  Who will be crowned the Greatest Team!

BONUS: It is also a well loved activity as this activity is a chance to wash away all the dirt and cobwebs that has accumulated over the past few days!
Even more activities for you to enjoy!
EVENT: 9th - 13th April 2020 (Cancelled)
NEXT EVENT: 1st - 5th April 2021