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NEXT EVENT: 29th March - 2nd April 2018
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Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each year

Unlike many other camps, every attendee can participate in every activity and the schedule is designed to allow this.

The planned activities for 2017 are displayed below...

Like many other Revolutions it is also the unplanned activities that also create so much fun, uh hum Storm Katie 2016'!
Now is the time​...

To unleash your hidden super powers. Revolution 2017 will take you through your paces as you train to be the ultimate Superhero!

With Daytime and Eventing activities you will be undertaking a rigorous training program that will keep you thoroughly entertained day and night with a few surprises along the way... so what are you waiting for?
Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each year

The 2017 Revolution Theme is set, the activitiy themes have been set and now the management team are busy securing the activities for an amazing super and heroic camp!

Keep up to date with the activities as they become confirmed via this website or the other Revolution social media sites including Facebook and Twitter

Until then my superhero's!
Revolution prides itself on the amazing activities provided each year

The evenings at Revolution will be rocking with...
and awesome evening Fancy Dress

such a variety of amazing sights and delights...
This page will be updated as activities are confirmed

Keep an eye on social media for announcements
New to Revolution is an amazing Powerturns for that something a little bit different!
Experience the thrill of fully automatic 125cc Yamaha Grizzly quad bikes zooming around a course
Tell me more about Powerturns

Powerturns are two seated buggies that are controlled by two levers which you push forwards to accelerate and pull back to brake. They're great fun and something a little bit different.

There will be two people in the powerturn buggy and one person controlling each lever. Each lever controls one side of the buggy and so team mates have to work together to steer round the course. If you accelerate too much the buggy will go into a wheelie and can easily spin on the spot with the front wheels in the air. All this adds to the fun and will definitely leave you wanting more!

Team building is definitely in use here with communication a must to get the buggies to actually move let alone manoeuvre round the track. Participants have to make their way round the tight course as fast as they can without hitting any of the markers 

Vehicle Skills - Powerturns and Quad Bikes

Be it the Batmobile, the Fantasticar, the Qunijet or the Battle Shell, every hero needs to have the skills to pilot a variety of vehicles to chase down their nemesis, or rescue their secret-crush from certain peril. 

The Management are providing specialist vehicle training in the form of quad-bikes designed to tackle the toughest terrain, and power-turns to move at speed and out manouver the bad-guys. See the videos for more insight on these great activities!​
Creative development –It’s a mystery….for now… 

All good superheroes and villains have their secrets, and The Management like to keep a few secret surprises for you attendees. It will be creative, and superhero related, that’s all we’re going to say. Cake Decorating, pancake making, and drum workshops have all been part of programmes past, attend our Superhero Training Camp to find out what The Management have in store for you!!
Superhuman Strength and Speed – Mountain Biking 

The Management provide some old school strength and speed training in the form of Mountain Biking. Take on some of the Islands most challenging hills and enjoy the downhill rush, or just meander along its up to you. 
Fantastic Agility & Reflexes – It’s a mystery….for now…

The Management cant make you fly, but we can give you some special skills to make you as agile as Robin or Mystique. Will you be a Beast? Or Nightcrawler? Were keeping this activity secret too, but all you need to remember are the 5Ds “Dodge”, “Duck”, “Dip”, “Dive” and “Dodge”
Air & Wind Manipulation - It’s a mystery….for now…

All good superheroes and villains have their secrets, and The Management like to keep a few secret surprises for you attendees. This will teach you how to harness the power of the air and wind….that’s all we’re going to say. Storm Katie, come back again and we will be ready for you!
Time-travel, Duplication & Invisibility – Its another secret – 

The only way to find this one out is to undertake our training…no clues for this one. 
Weaponry and Tactics - Headhunters  

A Revolution favourite, Headhunters is the perfect time to practice handling hardware and your battle tactics. Go lone gun, or work as a team, its up to you, either way make sure your aim is true as you practice taking out the other squad of goons. Will you be Deadshot? Or more Weapon X?
Superhuman Durability – Keep Fit 

Whether you’re a hero or a villain you need to be fit and keep your wits about you. Our Keep Fit session will push you further. Another revolution favourite, join in on Sunday morning to loosen up those hard worked muscles from the two days of activities before…The Management will be there…make sure you are!
Control of Water – Underwater Challenge

The Management have sought specialist expertise for this activity. Previous pool-based challenges have included synchronised swimming, octo-push, and aqua-challenges. Attend our Superhero training camp to see if you have the abilities of Aquaman, or whether you’re more Aquaphibbian!
THURSDAY: "Super Show Off"

It's the first night of camp, so it's a great time to show off your own talents, powers or unique abilities, and get to know your fellow super-hero wannabees!

So break out your best fancy dress to show off what you are all about!

Entertainment: DISCO by "i.Entertain"
FRIDAY: “The Battle of Good v Evil “

The concept of Good versus Evil is a war that has raged since before time began, across worlds and universes. On booking in you will be given a side…who or what you choose to be in this battle is up to you…but be prepared to be at your best…this will be the ultimate test of an unstoppable force versus an immovable object, metaphorically speaking of course!

Entertainment: To be confirmed 

SATURDAY: Hidden Identities Masquerade Ball

We all wear a mask, but it is not the mask who defines who we are! We each have our own hidden identity, or the thing/person we strive to be. Those treacherous supervillains seek to steal the riches of the wealthy, so you will need to use your super-skills to blend into high society. So, bring your alter-ego to our Masquerade ball…!

Entertainment: To be confirmed

SUNDAY: “Rave in the Bat Cave”

The Final night will see all manner of mutants, meta-humans, playboy-billionaire-philanthropists, tech-geniuses, super-powered heroes, devious and insane villains, celestial beings and cosmic conquerers all come together beneath Wayne Manor for a Rave in the Bat Cave. This night of light will shine all manner of neon…break out your glowsticks and lets make this camp go out with a bang!

Entertainment: DISCO by "i.Entertain"

The Future... Photo Gallery of Revolution 2017
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Experience Mountain Biking on Tennyson Downs
Glimpse of some activities from previous Revolutions.. see more within the Gallery
Headhunters: Wooded Laser Combat team game

So what are you waiting for?

Revolution is set to be another amazing year with lots of great activities, fun and excitement, Book now to ensure you secure your place at Revolution 2017 as we expect REVOLUTION 2017 to be another sell out year!