Main Activities for 2014
2014 set to be a year not to miss!
Drum Workshop
At this Drum workshop, you will be taught rythem, control and then together you will create beautiful music.  This activity is returning from Revolution 2010 where it was a major highlight by the attendees bringing creativity and unison, dont be the one at the end to add an extra beat, no pressure!!!
“Revolutioners get out of bed, look at the great activities awaiting you - you Lucky Lucky people!”
Adrenelin pumping Rib Rides
With this adrenalin pumping activity you will jump aboard a powerful Rib Boat that will take you out into the Solent at high speeds.    View some of the historic and world famous backdrops including the Needles whilst holding on tightly.  This is guaranteed to cause a bad hair day, so bring a brush for when you return to terra furma.
You are doing well so far, and your Luck is in as there are many more awesome activities for you to do today, so what are you waiting for!
Fancy Dress Theme: Now That's What I Call Revolution!
The fancy dress theme for the evening will be to dress as an Iconic Pop Star as featured from one of the 'Now Albums!'.  The choice is wide a varied, from Belinda Carlise, Mr Blobby, Steps, Amy Winehouse,  Michael Jackson, Queen to One Direction - the choice is yours, one thing for sure - you will be famous!
You have made it to the final day 'well done', and the world has not ended yet, make the most of this day as it is set to be immense 
So we are coming to the end of the official 20th Isle of Wight Revolution, but it is still not quite over - time to celebrate and enjoy time with great friends from all over the UK
The Adventure Begins
The Revolution is getting started with Explorer & Network units starting their adventure traveling down to the beautiful Isle of Wight from many counties from all across the UK including Scotland. The site is being prepared for a very warm welcome.
* The activities above are planned activities, as such the final program may be slightly different.
* You will require your own transport on the Island as the activities are off-site
National Explorer & Network Activity camp, where fun is guaranteed
Copyright: Everything on this site is the property of Isle of Wight Revolution
Game Zone
In addition to all the above great activities Revolution has  a 'Game Zone'.  
At the start of every morning following Dawn the Game Zone will open for those awake enough and energised, the Game Zone will include Circus SillsJenga, SkittlesVolleyball, Frisbee, Badmington and much more.
Bouncy Castle will also be on site for the majority of the  weekend for you to bounce around till your hearts delight.
Fancy Dress Theme: The return of 'CHAV Night'!
Revolution has seen some amazing fancy dress over the years and we put out to the vote what Fancy Dress night you would like to return for a one off special at Revolution 2014, your choice was CHAV Night. So don your best CAPPA, Shellsuit, Tracky trousers, bling and burberry caps for this one off special. 
Fancy Dress Theme:  Forgotton Accomplishments
Kicking the Revolution fancy dress off in 2014 will be a reflection of the best Revolution Fancy Dress themes over the past 20 years!  Each unit when booking in will be provided with a unique theme based on a previous camp, this will be sure to bring an eclectic range to kick of the first evening
Great Activities in a splendid setting
The activities for Revolution are based all around the Isle of Wight, which provides your units the opportunity to Explore the Island as you drive around taking in the breath-taking and famous scenery.  Will you make Sandcastles on one of the blue flag beaches, take a chair lift to the Needles, climb some of the downs or eat cream teas in Godshill or even  walk some of the 500 miles of scenic pathways, what ever you choose dont forget to pickup a 99 ice cream with flake...
Laser Clay Shooting
A modern twist on the traditional clay Pigeon shooting.  Following the same principles, aim at the target clay flying through the air and with the pull of the trigger a laser beam is fired, a direct hit will register with a loud bang.  Completely safe activity without the painful kick back of traditional shooting, Take Aim - FIRE!
“After a morning of on-site activities, this sadly brings Revolution 2014 the historic 20th National activity camp for Explorer & Network units held on the Isle of Wight to a dramatic close.
We know you had a great time, so many activities with so many like minded people, how can you not have enjoyed yourselves. 
Time to bid farewell until another blinding Revolution. 
Until we meet again "Happy Camping"
Exploring the Beautiful Island
The REVOLUTION Campfire (every night)!
After the action packed great days of activities, the fun of the competitions the amazing evening parties it's now time to relax and chill around the camp fire.
This is the time that the management team sit down and relax and allow you to take the lead round the camp fire.  No formal structure but for many this is one of the Revolution highlights with jokes, songs, sketches.  Those that are weary head off to bed for a good nights sleep before it all starts again and for those will still a sting in their tail they stay awake chatting and joking with other campers until Dawn arrives.
Printable Program
coming soon
Head-hunters 'Wooded Laser Shooting'
One of the favourite's of Revolution over many years is Head-hunters.  Team up with 50 other troops as you work together (well sometimes) and battle against your opposing team in full out war - the first to capture the flag or the team with the most kills win.  There are no points for second place in this game!
Friday Night: 
All for only
Extreme Power Kites
Ever held something in your hand that is difficult to control? then this is the sport for you!  These monsters of the sky are no breeze in the park and once you get them up the skill is to keep it up and not to let it drop to the ground with a thud!  A great fun sport for all abilities.
Fancy Dress Theme: Future Fashions
Bringing the 20th Revolution to a closure in which we have looks back at the past, we now invite you to look forward into the future.  The evening fancy dress will be to design the fashion of the future, what will it look like ? well you decide!  The evening entertainment will be accompained by Ultra Violet lights and Lazers to set your costumes into that futuristic look. 
Let's Jive!
Modern Jive is described as a fusion betwen Salsa and Ballroom Jive, with turns, spins, dips, drops, slides and lots more.  Within this fun session you will be taught the moves with a modern twist.  Guarnteed to be lots of fun especially for those amongst us with two left feet!
Saturday Night:
Sunday Night: 'Now! The Party to end all party's'
The Revolution Challenge
During the weekend you will be set a challenge (details to be revealed when you book in).  At Revolution 2010 units started off with a simple can of baked beans to trade during the weekend to see what they could end the weekend with, the winning unit ended up with a complete car door - now work that out!!!  What wonderful challenge / quiz will Revolution 2014 conjure up...
Mountain Biking
The Lonely Planet has recently named the Isle of Wight as one of the ten best cycling destinations in the world. The diverse terrain offers a great variety of road cycling, touring and mountain biking.  Follow a route carefully selected and then you can decide for yourself the pace as you Blaze trails through beautiful landscapes.
D.I.S.C.O NOW! Lets Party!!!!
Celebrating the end of the 20th Revolution, a total of 100 days of activities and the 80th evening of Revolution entertainment we will be concluding in the same fashion as we kicked off the Revolution back in 1995 with a great atmosphere amazing friendships and a final night to remember in true Bohemian Rhapsody... Mama, ooh ...I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango - the rest is history!
Award  & Closing Ceremony
The evening will also include the much loved Award ceremony for those characters of camp that have made Revolution 2014 so special.  Then dancing some more, followed by the last night round the camp fire singing in unison the traditional and not quite traditional camp fire songs.  Till dawn breaks.
All the activities and so much more
Camping Fees:  Amazingly the camping fees for each night are also included in the one fixed price which includes all the immense activities listed above.  
Site Facilities:  
  The camping site has access to limited showers and toilet facilities onsite. 
  During the weekend there will be a burger van on site which can provide at reasonable cost some snacks, tea and coffee.  
  There are no electric hook-ups on the field.
  There is enough parking for all attendees on-site.  
  Skips will be provided for your rubbish.  
  Upon arrival you will be issued with wrist bands which you will need for the activities and for entrance to the evening entertainment zone.
Bar:  During the evenings a licensesd bar will be available which is only accessible to over 18s.  Revolution is a dry-site for under 18s, soft drinks will be available.
Camping Fees and Onsite Facilities
Water Polo
A sport of the kings but only without horses and in water!  This activity is a perfect way to end Revolution with a splash around in some nice warm water as you compete against the other team and try to get the puck in the opposing goal
The Return of the famous GAMES NIGHT!
Orignally setup literally on the spur of a management cuff, Games Night became one of the most looked forward to evening events with a wide variety of fun, action packed games for everyone to participate in.  If you are one of the lucky winners then goody bags can be won!
Opening Ceremony
In true scouting style, Revolution 2014 will be kicked off inviting units that have traveled from far and wide from all across the UK to congregate for our Official Opening Ceremony, in an exchange of unit flags.
D.I.S.C.O, DJ Worzel on the decks
After the Opening Ceremony it’s time to kick-start the party and who better that with DJ Worzel.  Returning with his amazing sound system and light show there is no better way to get those feet moving and hands in the air - one thing is for sure expect some classics as well as plenty of cheese!  Time to get the party started!!!
Now! Revolution 2014 
Revolution have once again setup a unique line-up of activities for you to enjoy, they range from the heart pumping adrenaline Rib Rides, the action of Mountain Biking, the Skilled of Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. the Extreme Power Kiting and lots lots more
  This is all complemented by an action packed evening line-up of Discos, Live Music and camp fires.
Revolution is a truely unique activity camp designed just for you, come and join in the adventure with other Explorer, Network & SSAGO units from all over the United Kingdom  
Now! Come and celebrate 20 amazing years of Revolution
Not mandatory but is a lot of FUN!!!
Ever since our first Revolution in 1995 Fancy Dress has been part of Revolution, it enables you to be creative and also adds a lot of fun to the evenings.  The costumes range from individuals to co-ordinated unit costumes all we would say is let your hair down and join in like everyone else...  its FUN!!!
Fancy Dress
All of the following for the bargain price of only £54
REVOLUTION - Like no other camp!
Activty Placeholder
The management team are considering options of adding an additional activity, keep an eye on this website or facebook for the latest announcements.

Bagot Stack
Yet another truely unique activity at Revolution!  'Bagot Stack' designed to improve posture & well-being through cental control (core-stability), rhymic exercise to music, releasing the body's potential for good health by helping eliminate the stresses and strains.  We believe Bogot Stack is a perfect way to start the last day of Revolution 2014!
Live Band - Juice Box
Invited to the Revolution Stage in 2012, Juice Box (a live band) was a massive hit with the Ladies and Gents of Revolution who quickly became their adoring fans, invited back to Rock another Revolution Night will be  Juice-Box' playing a selection of classic Rock & Pop Hits, with a massive selection of tracks spanning 5 decades these will truely get the earth shattering and your pants swaying and hands in the air.  Juicy!
Keepsake Camp Badge
In true scouting tradition, each year Revolution design and have custom made a keepsake Camp badge just for you, that you can wear on your uniform and then keep as a long term keepsake on your camp blanket, campfire hat/clothing or just in your drawer as a memory of the good times you have had at Revolution.
T-Shirt & Hoodie (note: not included in camp fees)
Competing with the fashion houses of New York, Paris and Milan, Revolution design a unique yearly T-Shirt based on the theme as well as a hoodie to keep you warm and looking cool.  Both items are sold at cost price (cheap).  More details will be sent once you have secured your bookings to Revolution. 
Camping Badge
Revolution has sold out for the last 4 years, with units travelling from all over the UK including Scotland to attend and many units returning year after year for a camp that is designed each and every year with you in mind, new themes, new activities and new adventures all at an unbeliveable price.  Come and Join in the fun at Revolution and meet other like minded Explorers and Network units from all over the UK and make friendships that will last, the National Explorer and Network camp setting the trends.
Booking is simple, follow this link to the booking process.
Book your place now to avoid disapointment and join the Lucky Explorer, Network & SSAGO units attending Revolution 2014!
Keep Up To Date, with all the latest plans, gossip and talk to others that have either attended previous Revolutions or are attending Revolution 2014.  Or Contact us if you have any questions or need advice.
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The management team are considering options of adding an additional activity, keep an eye on this website or facebook for the latest announcements.
Revolution: designed for you!
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