Main Activities for 2012
Have you got what it takes?
Synchronised Swimming Competition
This will surely be one of the suprising highlights of Revolution 2012 as you will be working in teams to put on the best aquatic show with Synchronised Swimming.  Design your routine and then perform infront of the judges.  This will surely be a giggle with a few splutters along the way.
“Revolutioners get out of bed, look at the great activities awaiting you”
The Nautical pentathlon including Surfing, Kayaking and more
Choose your nautical weapon of choice and hit to the high seas, break the waters as you Surf the Waves, glide across the waters on a Kayak or take the opportunity to try other water activities.  Why not take soak up the scenery overlooking Sandown Bay with a lovely Ice-Cream
You are doing well so far, but the race is not over yet are there are many more activities for you to do, so what are you waiting for!

Rock the night away with a Live covers Band and Alternative music
                 (Fancy Dress Theme: Colosseum of Rock, i.e Gladiators, Rock Stars...)
Bringing to Revolution for only the second time in it's long history the night will be rocked by a very good covers band suitable for all ages and tastes.  Get your dancing shoes on, your singing voices out and LET'S ROCK!!!
You have made it to the final 'well done', all your efforts will be rewarded today with another day of Revolympic activities, are you Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger, yet?

So we are coming to the end of the official 18th Isle of Wight Revolution, but it is still not quite over - time to celebrate and enjoy time with great friends from all over the UK

SUNDAY 'The Finale'
The Adventure Begins
The Revolution is starting and Explorer & Network units are starting their adventure traveling down to the beautiful Isle of Wight from many counties from all across the UK including Scotland.

* The activities above are planned activities, as such the final program may be slightly different.
National Explorer & Network Activity camp, where fun is guaranteed
Copyright: Everything on this site is the property of Isle of Wight Revolution
Game Zone
In addition to all the above great activities Revolution has  a 'Game Zone'. 
At the start of every morning following Dawn the Game Zone will open for those awake enough and energised, the Game Zone will include Circus Sills, Jenga, Skittles, Volleyball and much more.
Bouncy Castle will also be on site for the majority of the  weekend for you to bounce around till your hearts delight.
The return of the Famous Revolution GAMES NIGHT
(Fancy Dress Theme: Olympians i.e famous sporting heros from times gone by)
Revolution 2012 will be re-introducing the much loved Revolution Games Night.  Established at Revolution 1998 by the quick thinking management team when a Disco did not show-up, Games Night became one of the Revolution highlights for the next 6 years.  Partake in many games to win some awesome prizes, such as a bag of sweets.  It's all about the taking part, so let the games begin!
After the Opening Ceremony it’s time to kick-start the party with resident DJ Steve on the decks providing a mix of cheesy and classic tunes through the ages. 

Fancy Dress Theme:  Country Representation
Great Activities in a splendid setting
The activities for Revolution are based all around the Isle of Wight, which provides your units the opportunity to Explore the Island as you drive around taking in the breath-taking and famous scenery.  Will you make Sandcastles on one of the blue flag beaches, take a chair lift to the Needles, climb some of the downs or eat cream teas in Godshill...
Hovercraft Experience
From the Island that invented the Hovercraft you will experience driving these 500cc 2 stroke twin carb engined hovering machines, the fastest and most powerful around.  Driving a hovercraft is unlike anything else you will experience, you will need to make sure you use your body weight and lean the correct way to steer these round the track.

“After a morning of on-site activities, this sadly brings Revolution 2012 the historic 18th National activity camp for Explorer & Network units held on the Isle of Wight to a dramatic close.
We know you had a great time, so many activities with so many like minded people, how can you not have enjoyed yourselves. 
Time to bid farewell until another blinding Revolution. 
Until we meet again "Happy Camping"
Exploring the Beautiful Island
The REVOLUTION Campfire (every night)!
After the action packed great days of activities, the fun of the competitions the amazing evening parties it's now time to relax and chill around the camp fire.
This is the time that the management team sit down and relax and allow you to take the lead round the camp fire.  No formal structure but for many this is one of the Revolution highlights with jokes, songs, sketches.  Those that are weary head off to bed for a good nights sleep before it all starts again and for those will still a sting in their tail they stay awake chatting and joking with other campers until Dawn arrives.
Ultimate Dance Mats
Strut your stuff and impress your mates with this amazing 16 person Dance Off, compete against your fellow John Travolta's or Lady GagGa's and get in the Rythem, do you have 3 left feet?
Printable Program
Head-hunters 'Wooded Laser Shooting'
One of the favourite's of Revolution over many years is Head-hunters.  Team up with 50 other troops as you work together (well sometimes) as you battle against your opposing team in full out war - the first to capture the flag or the team with the most kills win.  There are no points for second place in this game!

Friday Night 'The Games'
All for only
Ohh la la Jolly Hockey Sticks
Let the games begin, within teams you will compete in this Jolly Hockey sticks competition.  Sounds simple!!! hmm knowing the participants who will be competing this is sure to be a scream with hopefully not too many bruises!
REVOLUTION 'The coming of age'
Join in the celebrations at Revolution 2012 as it celebrates it's 18th year of providing a fun activity packed weekend originally for Venture Scouts and now for Explorer and Network units from all over the UK.  Revolution was founded in 1995 for you and we look forward to sharing this very special occasion with you all, and fond memerories of all those that have attended Revolution over it's history - you have made it what it is today so thankyou all.
Quad Biking Experience
Quad bikes, or Quads, are one of the most exciting activities around. These 4 wheeled fully automatic 125cc Yamaha Grizzy vehicles will overcome most obstacles that are in their way including humps, bumps, hills, slopes and water splashes.  Take to the controls and experience the fun as you go off-road.
Saturday Night 'Rock God Night'
Sunday Night: '18 Carat Gold'
The Revolution Challenge
Revolution 2010 saw units starting off with a simple can of baked beans to trade during the weekend to see what they could end the weekend with, the winning unit ended up with a complete car door - now work that out!!!  What wonderful challenge / quiz will Revolution 2012 conjure up...
Lawn Bowls
An activity that you may find on mid-morning TV aimed for the over 70s, however this is a unique and very challenging and fun activity.  First brought to Revolution 2008 this was one of the much loved events, we are proud to re-introduce it in Rev-olympics 2012.
The Athletes Golden Birthday Party
              Fancy Dress Theme: Dress to Impress with a Gold Colour Theme
Celebrating the end of the 18th Revolution, a total of 90 days of activities and the 72nd evening of Revolution entertainment.  The night will be lead by Worzel on the decks in this majestic ultra-violet night, planning some Number 1's since 1995.  So get on the day-glow and shine like true stars! bling!
Award Ceremony
The evening will also include the much loved Award ceremony for those characters of camp that have made Revolution 2012 so special.  Then dancing some more, followed by the last night round the camp fire singing in unison the traditional and not quite traditional camp fire songs.  Till dawn breaks.
All the activities and so much more
Amazingly the camping fees for each night are also included in the one fixed price which includes all the immense activities listed above.  The site is unique and the camping field is within a Speedway track with access to limited showers and toilet facilities onsite.
During the weekend there will be a burger van on site which can provide at reasonable cost some snacks, tea and coffee.  There are no electric hook-ups on the field.
There is enough parking for all attendees on-site.  Skips will be provided for your rubbish.  Upon arrival you will be issued with wrist bands which you will need for the activities and for entrance to the evening entertainment zone.
During the evenings a bar will be available which is only accessible to over 18s.
Camping Fees and Onsite Facilities
The REVOLUTION Guiness World Record Attempt
How would you like to be a Record Breaker? 
Revolution Management team are working with Guiness World Records to find an activity that all members of Revolution can take part in to try to become World Record Breakers - are you up for the challenge - it takes the Best!   BE PART OF HISTORY!!!
DJ Worzel
Returning for his 2nd year as a Revolution DJ and hitting the Deck's hard with bangin' tunes throughout the night will be DJ Worzel.  He will get you moving and dancing like you have never before, so get ready to strut your stuff, mixed in with Games Night...

Opening Ceremony
In true scouting style, Revolution 2012 celebrating its 18th year will be kicked off inviting units that have traveled from far and wide from all arross the UK to congregate in the Athletes Village for our Official Opening Ceremony. 
Rev-Olympics Games Opening Ceremony
The Rev-Olympics will kick off with an official Revolympics Games Opening Ceremony.  Each unit when booking will receive a country that they need to represent, the units are tasked with coming dressed in something representing that country.  Further details to be supplied when you book in.

'The Revolympics'
Harder, Better, Faster Stronger!

Let the Special 18th Rev-Olympics Games commence, with a full range of fun, exciting and very memorable activities that should be within any Olympics.  Revolution 2012 is proud to announce the activities that you will be partaking in, and yes - they are all within the one cost price - now that is amazing!
Not mandatory but is a lot of FUN!!!
Ever since our first Revolution in 1995 Fancy Dress has been part of Revolution, it enables you to be creative and also adds a lot of fun to the evenings.  The costumes range from individuals to co-ordinated unit costumes all we would say is let your hair down and join in like everyone else...  Fancy Dress themes for 2012 are listed above.
Fancy Dress