Main Activities for 2011
Are you Brave enough!
Power Kiting
Kite Surfing is one of the newest extreme watersports, this is your opportunity to learn how to fly these powerful kites onland.  Be sure that you hold on tight as you control these kites and feel the power of a Dragon in the air.
“Revolutioners get out of bed, look at the great activities awaiting you”
Zorbing / Spheering
Jump inside this lifesize cannon ball for one UK's newest extreme sports, you will be harnessed in and then unleashed at the top of the hill as you hurtle down for your stomach churning exhilarating ride, once at the bottom and you find your legs again you will be buzzing from the rush! You will love it, but 1 ride is more than enough!!!
“George you are doing well so far, today you will be focusing your skills in order for you to be able to slay the Dragon”

(Fancy Dress Theme: St George the Dragon & their Fair Maidens)
Time to sing your heart out and impress your fellow campers or if you are like any of the management you will raise the hairs on the fair maidens pretty little legs.
Do you have the X-Factor?
“Keep your Stamina up George no time to flag, today could be the day - I promise!”

"So have you made it George have you been brave enough, won the heart of the fair Maiden and sleighed the Dragon - are you ready to be Knighted?"

The Adventure Begins
The Revolution is starting and Explorer & Network units are starting their adventure traveling down to the beautiful Isle of Wight.  The first night kicks off with an Opening Ceremony followed by a Disco Party.  Come On...

* The activities above are planned activities, as such the final program may be slightly different.
National Explorer & Network Activity camp, where fun is guaranteed
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Game Zone
In addition to all the above great activities Revolution has  a 'Game Zone'. 
At the start of every morning following Dawn the Game Zone will open for those awake enough and energised, the Game Zone will include Circus Sills, Jenga, Skittles, Volleyball and much more.
Bouncy Castle will also be on site for the majority of the  weekend for you to bounce around till your hearts delight.
Barn Dance  
  (Fancy Dress Theme: Skool Knight)
Going back to Ye Olde dancing, you will be entertained by a live band who will teach you the moves for a good Hoe Down!  Swing your partner and dose do, yeah hah this is set to be an awsome evening if it's half as good as the 2006 Barn Dance.
After the Opening Ceremony it’s time to kick-start the party with resident DJ Steve on the decks providing a mix of cheesy and classic tunes through the ages. 

Fancy Dress Theme: First Knight, any Knight will do!
Great Activities in a splendid setting
The activities for Revolution are based all around the Isle of Wight, which provides your units the opportunity to Explore the Island as you drive around taking in the breath-taking and famous scenery.  Will you make Sandcastles on one of the blue flag beaches, take a chair lift to the Needles, climb some of the downs or eat cream teas in Godshill...
Tree Climbing / Abseiling
Take part in one of the UKs newest recreational sports of Tree Climbing.  Get harnessed in and head towards the tree canopy's where you can chat with friends in a completely unique situation.  Be fearful though trainee knights not to disturb the dragon nest which could be at the top.  Start you descent with free-fall abseiling until you hit terra-ferma.

“After a morning of on-site activities, this sadly brings Revolution 2011 the 17th National activity camp for Explorer & Network units held on the Isle of Wight to a dramatic close.
We know you had a great time, so many activities with so many like minded people, how can you not have enjoyed yourselves. 
Time to bid farewell until another blinding Revolution. 
Until we meet again "Happy Camping"
Exploring the Beautiful Island
The REVOLUTION Campfire (every night)!
After the action packed great days of activities, the fun of the competitions the amazing evening parties it's now time to relax and chill around the camp fire.
This is the time that the management team sit down and relax and allow you to take the lead round the camp fire.  No formal structure but for many this is one of the Revolution highlights with jokes, songs, sketches.  Those that are weary head off to bed for a good nights sleep before it all starts again and for those will still a sting in their tail they stay awake chatting and joking with other campers until Dawn arrives.
Axe Throwing
Choose your medieval weapon of choice and have a go at throwing either a Tomahawk Axe, Tuning Axe or a Fireman Axe.  How good is your aim and would be be able to fend of the full might of a dragon?
Printable Program
One of the favourite's of Revolution over many years is Head-hunters.  Team up with 50 other troops as you work together (well sometimes) as you battle against your opposing team in full out war - the first to capture the flag or the team with the most kills win.  There are no points for second place in this game - Come on George you can do it!

Friday Skool KNIGHT
All for only
Morris Dancing
Medieval dance full of fun and merriment, an old favourite at Revolution where you will watch in amazement this unique group 'BloodStone' professionals and then be taught a routine and then perform accompanied by a live band, Click - this activity is sooo much fun! Black & Red face paints will be provided to add to the atmosphere...

Carisbrooke Castle - Rescue the Fair Maiden
As a Wight Knight of the 'Revolution Crusade', you will embark on a special Treasure Hunt to save the Fair Maiden at one of the main tourist attractions on the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke Castle which is best known as the place where King Charles I was imprisoned, it resisted a siege by the French and seeing off the Spanish Armada.
St Georges Day - Renewal of the Scouting Promise
Saint George, the Patron Saint of England is also the Patron Saint of all Scouts around the world.  Baden Powell chose St George to be the movements Patron Saint because the qualities of the legendary Roman soldier; qualities that reflect good Scouting
•Responsibility     •Truthfulness   •Devotion to duty   •A brave heart   •A noble spirit
•Dedication to helping others
The day will be recognised with all renewing their Scouting Promise
'Wight Knights: The Revolution Crusade'

These specially selected activities are all inclusive in the price, they range from the Extreme, to the traditional to the relaxed and many can only be found on the Isle of Wight.

One thing for sure is that as a Wight Knight - You will have a lot of fun in your quest of slaying the Dragon to rescue your fair maiden!
Zumba Dancing
Are you dainty on your feet or do you have the balance of a pregnant dragon, this awesome new dance craze will have you bouncing up and down and side to side, do be careful though as you have your pride at stake here
Saturday Knight Fever
The Knight to end all Knights
The Revolution Challenge
Revolution 2010 saw units starting off with a simple can of baked beans to trade during the weekend to see what they could end the weekend with, the winning unit ended up with a complete car door - now work that out!!!  What wonderful challenge / quiz will Revolution 2011 conjure up...
Just like Dragons of old, Birds of Prey dominate the skies putting fear into all those around, now is a rare chance for you to watch them perform under the instructors commands and to learn about these amazing animals and for a lucky few to be able to handle the birds setting them aflight.
Knight to end all knights 
   Fancy Dress Theme: (UV + Dayglow Knight)
A knight to remember with closing Revolution 2011 with an amazing UV Dayglow evening with some banging tunes. 
Award Ceremony
The evening will also include the much loved Award ceremony for those characters of camp that have made Revolution 2011 so special.  Then dancing some more, followed by the last night round the camp fire singing in unison the traditional and not quite traditional camp fire songs.  Till dawn breaks.
Not mandatory but is a lot of FUN!!!
Ever since our first Revolution in 1995 Fancy Dress has been part of Revolution, it enables you to be creative and also adds a lot of fun to the evenings.  The costumes range from individuals to co-ordinated unit costumes all we would say is let your hair down and join in like everyone else...  Fancy Dress themes for 2011 are listed above.
Fancy Dress
By George there is another busy day ahead so no time for slacking sitting on your straw bail watching people getting hung drawn and quartered, get off your backside and partake in this physical aerobic activity, just what you need on a Sunday morning
Belly Dancing
Come and be taught some special moves with this cultural dance.  This is a great fun event for both males and females so come and warm up for the evening Barn dance and shake yr booty - you will be laughing so much it hurts.
Opening Ceremony
Revolution 2011 will kick off with an official Opening Ceremony where units will be welcomed.  Each unit will be invited to present their Unit flag or an item that represents their Unit or their County.  The fun and adventure of Revolution 2011 will then begin...
Fire Breathing Spectacular
Be amazed by the Ryde Extreme Performers as they put on a mind blowing, colourful and fiery performance of Fire Breathing and Fire Pois - they will light up the evening with this amazing spectacle.
Can anyone spot the Dragon?