Main Activities for 2010
It's gonna be a right laugh!
Outdoor Climbing Wall & Bouldering
Put your strength, skills and endurance to the test experiencing climbing on this multi-million pound climbing wall.
All skills accounted for with climbing up boulders for the novices to overhangs for those more experienced or adventurous.  You will love this
Someone asked me once “Why do you keep the ruler on the newspaper when you're reading?" so I replied "I want to get the story straight!"   Time for Comedy Night

“Revolutioners get out of bed, look at the great activities awaiting you”
Revolution 2010 kicks off on April Fools Day, no joke! 
Starting on April 1st the whole weekend is set to a
Comedy Theme and will be full of fun, laughter,
great activities and maybe a little mischief!

So what are you waiting for, take a look below at what's installed and join us at Revolution 2010, it is going to be nuts!

Fast Rib Rides
With this adrenalin pumping activity you will jump aboard a powerful Rib Boat that will take you out into the Solent at high speeds.    View some of the historic backdrops of the sea forts and portsmouth whilst holding on tightly.  This is guaranteed to cause a bad hair day, so bring a brush for when you return to terra furma.
“Hope you are full of beans today, there are some superb activities that will get your heart, body and soul racing today”

80's UV Party                  (Theme: 80's DayGlo & Lights)
There's been far too much excitement today, so we are going to wind back the time to the 80's and have an Ultraviolet 80's night.  During the night, all lights will be switch off except UV so come with your own battery powered lights to ensure the party continues.
“The final day brings some more events, let's hope you have enough energy to see it through”

Laser Combat in Woods 'Head-Hunters'
The afternoon will be spent breaking down the friendships built up so far over Revolution as it is full out war.  Splitting into teams you will be playing tactical war games with the aim to kill the opponents and to capture the flag.  Will you be as courageous as 2009 where 50 fighters went on a single mission and only narrowly missed out on their objective or will you break it into smaller tactical units, no matter the approach Your team needs you!

"The final frontear, the curtain closes - hangabout we still have a PARTY!  Let's make this one count..."

Space Laser Disco                (Theme: Spaced Out)
As the 2010 Revolution draws to a close there is still one big night ahead.  Following the theme of 2010 Space Odyssey the night will bring uplifting tunes with a special Laser Show - let's get this party started!
The evening will also include the much loved Award ceremony for those characters of camp that have made Revolution 2009 so special.  Then dancing some more, followed by the last night round the camp fire singing in unison the traditional and not quite traditional camp fire songs.  Till dawn breaks.

The Adventure Begins
The Revolution is starting and Explorer & Network units are starting their adventure traveling down to the beautiful Isle of Wight.  The first night kicks off with an Opening Ceremony followed by a Disco Party.  Come On...

* The activities above are planned activities, as such the final program may be slightly different.
National Explorer & Network Activity camp, where fun is guaranteed
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Game Zone
In addition to all the above great activities Revolution has  a 'Game Zone'. 
At the start of every morning following Dawn the Game Zone will open for those awake enough and energised, the Game Zone will include Circus Sills, Jenga, Skittles, Volleyball and much more.
Bouncy Castle will also be on site for the majority of the  weekend for you to bounce around till your hearts delight.
Comedy Night & Talent Competition.                     (Theme: Comedy Characters)
For the first time in Revolutions 16 year History we are having a comedy night.  Laugh with the Professional and then showcase your own Talents with our REVOLUTION Talent competition - we know you have hidden talents - time to display them.  For previous attendees we're sure you remember magic moments such as 'Lady in Reddish' and music from 'The Revolutions'.  Time to get famous - well slightly.
D.I.S.C.O (Theme: Jester)
After the Opening Ceremony it’s time to kick-start the party with resident DJ Steve on the decks providing a mix of cheesy and classic tunes through the ages.  Being April Fools day the theme for the evening is Jester so come dressed appropriately.
Dance-Off:  Dance Mat Competition
Believe you are good on the dancefloor or that you have two left feet, now is time to prove it with this 16 people dance simulator you will all be busting a beat in unison trying to out dance one another.  Master the beat here and then show off on the dance floor during the Revolution finale disco. 
Baked Bean Challenge
Were you any good at school at swapsies?  Now let's see your bargaining powers as you need to wheel & deal your can of Baked Beans throughout the weekend by exchanging for something better, then you swap that for something even better and the game goes on.  The unit with the best item at the end wins! So what are your Baked Beans worth?
Twin Engine offroad Buggies
What a way to start REVOLUTION with the adrenalin pumping in these Off Road Buggies.  You will be driven around an off-road track as a passenger and then time to get in the hot seat and take the controls as you take it for a spin - guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

“After a morning of on-site activities, this sadly brings Revolution 2010 the 16th National activity camp for Explorer & Network units held on the Isle of Wight to a dramatic close.
We know you had a great time, so many activities with so many like minded people, how can you not have enjoyed yourselves. 
Time to bid farewell until another blinding Revolution. 
Until we meet again Happy Camping".

After the action packed great days of activities, the fun of the competitions the amazing evening parties it's now time to relax and chill around the camp fire.
This is the time that the management team sit down and relax and allow you to take the lead round the camp fire.  No formal structure but for many this is one of the Revolution highlights with jokes, songs, sketches.  Those that are weary head off to bed for a good nights sleep before it all starts again and for those will still a sting in their tail they stay awake chatting and joking with other campers until Dawn arrives.
Mountain Biking
You've been on two wheels with the off-road buggies now you are down to two wheels and peddle power.  As a group head out and follow an off road circuit, taking it as easy as you wish or take the advanced circuit for a bit of fun off-road mountain biking.
Comedy Theatre Workshop
This workshop will get your creative juices flowing as you are set a task, required to improvise and then perform your masterpiece.  So time to let your hair down, get into the spirit and let it all out. 

Printable Program
Target Practice: 2.2 Rifle Shooting
How good is your aim?  In this session you will be at a shooting range with a revolving target 25 meters away in your hands will be a deadly weapon.  Can you group all your shots neatly on the target like Billy The Kid or is your aim like a man using the toilet - all over the place!  There are man-points at stake with this activity.

Golf: 9 hole Pitch & Putt
Suitable for all levels of golf from the budding Tiger Woods to the absolute beginner.  Take your time as you move around this course with the beautiful backdrop of the famous Needles. 
Watch-out for birdies, eagles and even bogies!
Management Surprise
Revolution would not be the same without a Management surprise, in 2009 we had punch & Judy with our Holiday camp theme, so what could we have up our sleeves to start our 2010 Comedy Night?  You will have to wait to find out.

Revolution personal Fitness Instructor
Tired from an exhausting weekend and looking for that last bit of inspiration and motivation.  With our Revolution personal fitness instructor you will be put through your paces.  In all seriousness we know how you will be feeling by now, so this will tailored to your energy levels.
All for only