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Lambing 'so cute'
It is the cute time of year again where the fields are full of bouncing bundles of joy.  Visit a farm where lambs are being born and with the chance of witnessing a birth and the possibility of feeding a new born, a real heart thumping moment for both boys and girls.  What a way to start the Revolution 2009.

Yachting, Kayaking and Dinghy Sailing
Hit the waters in the estuary of River Medina testing your skills with either Yachting, Kayaking or Dinghy Sailing, will you follow in the footsteps of Helen McCarther or Ben Ainsley or are you just content with bobbing around like a swan.  What ever your skill levels this taster session is great fun for all
D.I.S.C.O (Hi De Hi Theme)
After a fantastic first full day at Revolution, it’s time to kick-start the party with resident DJ Steve on the decks providing a mix of cheesy music through the ages.  The theme for the evening is Hi De Hi so come dressed appropriately

“The evenings entertainment will include DJ Steve mixing cheesy chunes, please ensure you wear the correct attire, see you sharply ”
“Good morning campers Hi De Hi, today’s activities will include”
“Hello campers Hi De Hi...
The activities for Revolution 2009 have been selected and boy you are all in for a special treat this year, have fun and enjoy and remeber
Hi de Hi" ..... Ho de Ho

Recreational Tree Climbing:
Sounds quite simple and something we have all done as kids, wrong.  This is using ropes and harnesses to ascend up trees into the tree canopy, once you have hung around for a while then take the time to descend back to terifurma.  There is no monkeying around in this activity:
Gladys “Hi De Hi campers, I hope that you are sprightly today as the days great activities are truly remarkable and will leave you hanging around!”

African Drums
We know how much you love making noise, the challenge here is to do it all in rhythm.  After the much loved Samba Drums at Revolution 2006 we know this activity will hit the right beat.

You've seen it on the TV, it's famous within America's colleges and American Sports games like Football and Baseball, now have a go yourself to see what it is all about.
There's more than meets the eye with this one.
Holiday Camp Games
The  much loved games will be back, however this time with a twist.  Yes imagine a traditional holiday camps games and competitions and you will be on the right lines, destined to create great fun and mahem.

Carnival Karaoke
Back yet again for another year of absolute torture, yes it is time for Karaoke.  Whether you are a talented singer or a hopeful it is time to get hold of the mic and share with the rest of Revolution your hidden talents (good or bad).  Not only is it Karaoke but it is Carnival Karaoke so come in your finest carnival outfits.  A night to behold!

Gladys “Evening Campers, Tonight we will be holding a singing Talent contest in the Ponda Rosa Function Room, please ensure that you exercise your throat correctly to avoid injury”

Onsite Activities
The morning will start with onsite activities ranging from Martial Arts lessons, keeping Fit with our Fitness Instructor and perfect sight with our Robin Hood Archer. This is in addition to our game zone which includes Juggling balls with our Circus Skills, other games to include Volleyball and Skittles.  There is one other Special Event that we are keeping under wraps boys and girls as we know that you would just love it.

Gladys “Hi De Hi Campers, get out of bed there is still a lot more fun and adventure, today there will be onsite entertainment followed by war, please be careful”

Laser Combat in Woods
The afternoon will be spent breaking down the friendships built up so far over Revolution as it is full out war.  The teams are evenly split however the past couple of years the teams with Explorers on tend to have the enthusiasm built not the strategic thought of the Network units, and the network annihilate the explorers.  Time has come though where we believe 2009 the tides will change and the Explorers will take control of the network base in this laser shooting tactical war game fought out in the woods.  Your team needs you!

Gladys “Good evening campers, tonight there will be a Ball aboard the good ship Revolution, please come dressed in your finerary”.

Cruise Ball
As the last night of Revolution 2009 it will be special.  With a ball aboard the Cruise Ship Revolution, including a mix of top tunes during the disco to dance your tired feet to.  The evening will also include the much loved award ceremony for those characters of camp that have made Revolution 2009 so special.  Then dancing some more, followed by the last night round the camp fire singing in unison the traditional and not quite traditional camp fire songs.  Till dawn breaks.

Gladys “Hi De Ho campers, that brings us to a dramtic closer to another fantastic Explorer and Network Activity camp, we know you had a great time, so many activites with so many like minded people, how can you not have enjoyed yourselves. 
Time to bid farewell until another blinding Revolution.  Happy Camping.

The Adventure Begins
The Revolution is starting and Explorer & Network units are starting their adventure travelling down to the beautiful Isle of Wight.  The first night kicks off with an Opening Ceremony followed by a Disco Party.  Come On...

* The activities above are planned activities, as such the final program may be slightly different.
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Game Zone
New for 2009 'Revolution Game Zone'.  At the start of every morning following Dawn the Game Zone will open for those awake enough and energised, the Game Zone will include Cicus Sills, Jenga, Skittles, Volleyball and much more.
As usual there will be many challenges throughout Revolution.  New for 2009 we are setting you a challenge before you even arrive. 
Be Prepared and ready to display your performance
See our Challenge Page Shortly for more details.
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